Friday, September 19, 2008

"Experiencing the Overflow" 2008 Fall Conference Cruise

" cup runneth over." Psalms 23:5

Bridgett Draper Ministries join CPRoberts Ministries & others at this year's powerful and electrifying conference. If you've missed the previous years, you've missed! And by chance if you'll miss this one, count on us for the recap. Dynamic preaching, teaching, praise & worship, deliverance services, christian fellowship, fun & relaxation. 5-days worth!

Looking forward to catching my flight to Ft. Lauderdale arriving and jetting to the Pier to board Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas for pure joy! Taking sail to the ever beautiful Grand Cayman Islands where we'll soak in the sights and sounds while praising God. The journey doesn't stop there. It's then on to Cozumel, Mexico - the land where time seemingly stood still ( a brief moment ). Meeting the locals, roasting in the hot, hot, hot sun while wishing to be on the air-conditioned ship for relief.

Like King David penned in Psalms 23:5 already ..."my cup runneth over!"

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Blessings & Peace,


Thursday, September 18, 2008

The BIRTHday!

On Sept. 17th many shared as I celebrated another year of life! I awoke to a beautiful sunny day filled with many birthday greetings, phone calls, text messages, cards, balloons, roses that won’t be long forgotten. Especially this email I received from a dear friend. It reads:

"On this day a couple of years ago, God had a queen debut who would bless people near and far through the gift of song and His Word. God has given her the gifts of discernment, speaking in tongues, preaching, prophesying and deliverance. He has also made her one of the most
beautiful women on this side of Jordan. Please help me to extend birthday blessings to Queen Bridgett Draper!"
-H. Stevens, Dallas, TX

Incredible! Earlier that morning in prayer I asked God for something I’ve not asked during any other birthday. What was it? I’m glad you asked! I simply asked God to bless those who celebrated through acknowledgement with an “exceeding abundantly above all you could ask or think” blessing. A God-sized blessing if you will. I was not prepared for what the day would hold.

As the day progressed, family and dear friends from near and far, unlikely co-workers, and even strangers gave birthday greetings/wishes that sent me into an orbit of praise! Unbeknown to them and unaware of what I had asked God in prayer, through their act of kindness they now positioned themselves for blessings to flood their lives. I smiled big and long as each came to me. The praise reports started rolling in immediately! One, in particular, I watch unfold.

I met a dear friend for lunch to celebrate who emailed me earlier with birthday greetings. She too was setting herself up for a God-sized blessing that would touch the both of us. While in route to Hopper’s Restaurant, one of the finest in Huntsville, AL serving down home southern cooked meals all at an affordable price, I placed call to ask her if she’ll be having sweet tea. “Sweet tea, please”, I heard her say. She again gave a birthday wish. I thanked her and begin to say “start thanking God for your bundles of joy”. I repeated “bundles of joy”. “Bundles of joy”. By this time, we were like God is up to something. I arrived. Found a table and proceeded to wait for her. A few minutes later she arrived. We greeted & hugged each other and started a wonderful celebration lunch. While eating, she begin to share her & her husband’s desire to have child; twins to be exact. As she spoke, tears fell from her eyes. They had battled a few years back with miscarriages but stood strong in faith. I too was touched and begin to shed tears.
What was God doing? We were about to soon find out. The Spirit of God came upon me and I lift my left hand and placed on her right shoulder. Speaking as God spoke, I spoke life to the situation commanding the body come into alignment with the Word of God. I’m sure those close to our table were like what’s going on? All we knew, God was doing something wonderful. As I ministered, God sent a pregnant lady to the food bar as confirmation. I showed my friend. Amazed, we took it all in. God even reminded us that we were there celebrating a “BIRTH”day, mine but it further confirmed & symbolized the promise. The month prior, we had rescheduled this lunch at least 3 times not knowing God’s perfect timing – to be on a “BIRTH” day celebration!

When God does a thing it’s done. His faithfulness is amazing. Never will birthdays be the “usual” instead, I’ll ask and watch Him move!

Oh, I'm still receiving birthday wishes...the celebration and blessings continue!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Return!

Kingdom greetings to all. It's been long absence, but I'm back empowered to prosper and chart new territory. In my travels, I've met many wonderful people of God who have spoken into my life, encouraged, and wonderfully blessed me beyond imagination.

My spiritual ears hear the clarion call in the Spirit to position ourselves because of the NEW thing God is doing in the earth.

"Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold I will do a NEW thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert."
Isaiah 43:18-19 (KJV)

As you tune in to the frequency of the Spirit of God, listen with acute accuracy as divine instructions are being given. Become a student of obedience. Embrace the peace of God. Walk in wisdom. Receive understanding and apply knowledge. Stay your God-given course and watch the coming days of victory.

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Blessings and may His favor be upon you and yours!